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Today Eric’s Grandma Lorriane went back to Great Falls. I am afraid we may have worn her out on her first taste of “Grandma Duty”.

Tonight Eric and I had some alone time. It is the first night I have visited him without Dad or Grandma around. I had to be disciplined to get myself to leave his bedside to “pump” and eat dinner at reasonable hour. Grandma has been really good at making sure I remember to feed myself and get some rest.

Eric is tolerating a little more of milk now, 4 cc’s every 3 hours, which is the equivalent to 4 millileters or almost a teaspoon. This little bit of milk in his tummy his helping is digestive system develop. He also got started on some antibiotics today to cover a possible infection in his breathing tube. They did a chest xray today and don’t suspect a lung infection at this point.

Tonight as I was getting ready to tuck Eric in and say good night he opened his eyes and peaked out at me so of course I had to sit myself back down and talk a while. I talked to him until he appeared to go back to sleep. Sometimes he sleeps all cozied up and other times he kicks his legs out and stretches his arms out over his head just like Aaron does when he lays on the couch watching football.

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