Month: August 2010

Joy, work, & then some: maternity leave transition

When I think of these past five months one word comes to mind joy. I have had the most joyful five months getting to know Noah and nurturing our new family dynamic of a foursome. You will laugh when I tell you the joyful feeling began when I went into labor. If you would have seen me then you would not have described me as joyful, and Aaron is also laughing because he would not describe me as joyful at 4am or any time he caught me with rattled nerves. If you saw me in our first month (Mom) you wouldn’t have described me as joyful either, but underneath a veil of sleep deprivation, nursing woes, and postpartum recovery was a strong sense of happniess and relief that Noah was here, healthy, and happy. The 3 H’s. Clif Bar & Co provided me a generous five month maternity leave that I like to refer to is the Total Mommy Immersion Program. We started out with a crash course in swollen & bleeding boobs, pre-schooler pink eye, and new-sibling rivalry adjustments. But, you know what was …

Old friends

We regularly get together with our preemie buddies Ryan and Spencer. If we haven’t seen them in a few weeks or so Eric will start asking when about them. The other night when I was tucking him into bed he said, “We can go to Spencer’s house sometime. We can play with his big trains. Ryan will be there.” Here some pics of our last play day in Novato.: Hard to believe that almost 4 years ago these boys each weighed less than 2 pounds Always goofin’