Month: July 2015

Would You Run One-hundred Miles?

My work has opened me to the possibility of achieving athletic feats I never new were available to the human body let alone my human body. Most recently I was able to participate in the activities of one of America’s most iconic one-hundred mile foot races, the Western States without actually having to run it. I had the pleasure listening to the scientific community interested in studying ultra-runners while also getting to know some of the leaders in the sport like Nikki Kimball, Stephanie Howe, and Scotto(typo I choose to keep because I liked it) Jurek. Not just these athletes, but all ultra-runners (and many other athletes outside the scope of running) show us that the seemingly impossible is possible. I believe it is this desire for possibility that drives those seekers of challenge. Running one-hundred miles sounds more and more possible despite the fact that my own legs have never carried me more than thirty-one miles at one time.  I get chills when I drive by Auburn on I-80 knowing this is where the …

Trust These Five Nutrition Truths to Meet Your Running Potential

For years, any time running felt bad or I felt low-energy I looked straight to what and how I was eating. I learned early on the profound affect eating could have on performance. The problem with this was I couldn’t get the food “just right” to provide the energy I needed to train and race. I needed to eat so energy flowed like a steady stream instead of peaks and valleys.   Sometimes post-run recovery food might just be that 2 day old powdered donut It took me years to realize that if I just trusted my common sense and intuition around nutrition and let healthy eating  flow like a steady stream I would achieve more and feel better than of I weighed, measured, and counted every bite. I had to trust what I knew and let go of self-doubt, judgement, and comparing myself to others.    I have been running races and fun runs since I was ten years old.  I was competitive in high school until I hit an extremely rough patch in my ability to …

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Trail Butter Might Be Awesome but Could be Scary

On the “snack-hand” this is really cool but on the “athletic-performance-hand” it is concerning. If an athlete is uneducated and tries to eat these in replacement of gel or even frequently during a run they could end up with some serious gut issues. It is important to know that the fat they body uses during activity is NOT the fat eaten during activity but rather stored fat. Fat eaten during activity lasting longer than six hours has some digestive benefit in small doses and may help with pallet fatigue so I could see eating maybe one these every six hours or spread out over 6+ hours.