Month: September 2015

Crewing for Scott Jurek

Outside Magazine followed us for for twenty-four hours. I was worried they might be annoying, but they were not. They were discrete,friendly, respectful of Scott’s enormous task each hour, and helpful. Here is a short clip of the twenty-four hour clock we “rode” for three days, which was unmeasurable in scale: Outside Magazine Online

Run Away

Running brings moments of escape and freedom. It doesn’t have to be hard.  One foot goes in front of the other and it is all you. There is no collaboration or navigating different personalities. Only you set your pace, goal, and direction. You can plan your journey or follow along. The choice is yours and it is quite refreshing and rejuvenating for the body and mind, especially the body and mind of a full-time working parent who is trying with all her heart to embrace the challenges, opportunities, and joys of her choices. Running helps filter the noise that clutters the mind with cynicism, doubt, and unhappiness so we see that gratitude exists in even some of the toughest of times.