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Dietitian Confessions

I don’t survive on broccoli, beans, and blueberries alone.

I eat ice cream OR chocolate almost every day. It IS Dreyer’s Slow-churn and only fair trade  dark.

I love good bread and have zero interest in pre-sliced, manufactured variety.

I eat candy corn out of childhood nostalgia. ONLY in the fall

I eat candy pumpkins out of college-days nostalgia  and sometimes mail them to my friends  even though it costs more to mail and they can get them where the live (probably)

I feed my kids cinnamon-sugar-butter toast (whole wheat) for breakfast and have been known to eat their leftovers… the floor

I am not behind the removal of donuts from company breakfast meetings. I love donuts, but most of all, love getting donuts at Bob’s in San Francisco

I struggle to get one son to eat vegetables and the other to eat fruit BUT I NEVER GIVE UP!

Stand tuned, there will be many more confessions.

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