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Eating with Purpose

Whether coaching a food company on innovating a new food or drink or coaching athletes developing a personalized nutrition plan, it all begins with purpose.

Four Things to Consider When Making or Eating Food

What really gets me are the foods that nutri-wash. These are foods made to meet criteria for putting claims like high-protein, less- sugar, or plant-based on their package but a look at the ingredient list reveals junk like artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

Practice Discipline in these Three Areas to Support Athletic Performance

Speaking on a panel at the Spartan World Championships in Squaw Valley, California may be one of the most interesting angles I have come at nutrition from yet. The panel topic is discipline. Learning to eat in a way that supports what you set out to achieve – in this case completing thirty plus obstacles, over thirteen or more miles while running up and down mountain peaks at elevation – requires discipline to change from eating behaviors that do not support what you hope to achieve. For many non-competitive athletes who want to improve and achieve in sport as a hobby they first have to shift in mindset from exercising to burn calories to then be rewarded with food  to that of an athlete who exercises to train and who eats to train for the reward of achieving something more than the calorie credit to eat lots of pizza after a race. How does someone begin to change the mindset? Well, in my experience as an athlete and working with the pros I have found applying discipline  …

Setting 2017 Diet Goal? Start Here First. Seriously.

  Along my journey tinkering with my dietary habits and eating patterns I consciously reshaped my relationship with food to support the way I live. So many people live to eat or just eat to live. Either one of those relationships with food can seriously mess with the mind and body! I eat to support what I set out to do each day.  I don’t eat for some result in my physic. The results are a side benefit of eating to support my active lifestyle.  The purpose of food is to support my experiences by keeping me nourished, energized, and ready to try the next thing that interests me. Recently that thing was skate skiing! Most people interested in being healthy and nourished  know what to eat. They too often let their judgement be clouded  however by negative thinking about what should or shouldn’t be eaten. Eating based on mood can also lead people astray from what they know. Here are five things to get in order before setting course for dieting in 2017: 1. …