I am Tara DelloIacono Thies, nutrition strategist + dietitian and active lifestyle nutrition expert. I founded Summit Nutrition Strategy to help more people achieve big goals. A pioneering strategist with twenty years of experience, I combine my knowledge of science with my unique experience as a marketer and endurance athlete to help lifestyle organizations and companies deliver value and service to their audiences. I also working directly with athletes at every level, advocating for food as a tool to reach big goals.

As an athlete, I treat my own athletic pursuits professionally and put high value on health and fitness. I prioritize health and fitness into my everyday by incorporating active adventures into my work and play. These daily experiences combined with my nutrition knowledge inform and inspire unique insights, recommendations, and applications of nutrition that I share through Summit Nutrition Strategy.

Most importantly, I am mama and a wife in the business of modeling a healthy, active lifestyle for my two young boys. Originally from Montana, I could no longer leave outdoor fun with my family to weekends. I uprooted the family from the San Francisco Bay Area and left my eighteen-year post as lead nutrition strategist for Clif Bar & Company. Now from my home in Truckee, California I strive to make outdoor adventure routine for our family. Of all the challenges I encounter as a business owner and endurance junkie, being Mama provides the most challenges, adventures, and rewards.