About Tara

Tara is a writer, educator, registered dietitian/nutritionist, and a seeker of outdoor endurance challenges. She is highly skilled at providing accessible nutrition guidance to a variety of audiences through creative experiences and conversational style. She takes great pride in her twenty years of experience crafting food suitable for athletic adventure as founding nutritionist at Clif Bar & Company and providing nutrition recommendations to support athletes and outdoor adventurers in their pursuits to accomplish the activities they set out to do. Whether it is to run their first 5k or break a fastest known time (FKT) on the world’s toughest trails, she knows first hand the role nutrition plays in achieving what people set out to do each day.

Tara is a mother of two active boys and an athlete who thrives on athletic adventure as a source of self-care from her mountain home in Truckee, California.  She is not a professional athlete, but she treats  her endeavors with  professionalism, taking on new challenges for fun and personal growth.  

Tara draws from her nutrition and athletic knowledge to participate in the world’s most iconic and toughest endurance events. She has practiced and refined her own nutrition plans to complete twelve marathons, numerous half marathons, Nordic and Alpine skiing adventures, and some of the world’s most beautiful mountain runs.  Tara says “I am not out there to win. I am out there to show people what is possible for even a working mom like me.” She hopes to influence and inspire others to pursue an active lifestyle through a sense of  possibility, curiosity, and exploration.

Tara delivers nutrition workshops on the move. That is, her workshops are active,  and she believes the best learning comes by doing. She teaches the world’s best athletes, recreational athletes, and people just like herself who aspire to do better by their bodies and eat in a way that will help them accomplish whatever they once thought was out of reach. It is about taking the first step and moving on from there.

Contact Tara to set up custom workshops for your athletes, clients, or event registrants. Or tap her for creating a nutrition communications and content strategy, including custom articles for your event.