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Some Day IS Now

Being a present and available parent for my kids drives my ambitions and choice to live and work on my own terms. December tenth is a special day, a milestone day in my journey with my husband as a parent. It is a day that I hold close. Some day is today. Thirteen years ago my Mom sat by my side in the hospital. We were sitting next to the incubator. Actually it is called an isolate. Incubators are for chickens, not people. This very special bed held my very special son, Eric, at a weight of one pound fourteen ounces. ( He now weighs ninety pounds and would be so embarrassed that I wrote this.) Those who knew us then, know this story well. I went into labor on Labor Day and two days later, after loads of magnesium and other drugs, the doctors couldn’t stop the contractions, I was nine centimeters dilated, and Eric was born at twenty–six weeks and two days gestation instead of the full-term forty weeks. I was teeth-chatteringly frightened. …

Tara Dell Tells Vol. 7

If you are a man or woman and a coach don’t be afraid to give words to this function of the female body necessary to produce life and health! Learn to talk out loud with your athletes and kids openly about the impact the menstrual cycle has training and racing and, the health implications associated with not having a periods (known as Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S) syndrome).

Tara Dell Tells Vol. 6

“What should I eat?” I get this question all the time! Of course, it is because helping people answer that question is part of my profession. I find the question easiest to answer with a quote from Michael Pollan. “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much” It’s not that I can’t write you a menu of exactly what to eat every time you need to feed yourself. I can but the question is would you follow it? Maybe? Probably not. Maybe for a few days or even weeks but then what? You need to be able to make food choices that support your purpose. Why? Because that is how you adopt purposefully healthy eating as a lifestyle. This way instead of it being something you just do, it becomes something that just is. So this week I provide you meal planning tools I use often to help athletes, myself and my family with fresh, new, healthy, and fun ideas that go beyond 4oz grilled chicken (no skin), steamed broccoli, 1 cup for rice! Meal Lime …

Do I need a protein supplement?

Do I need a protein supplement? A common mistake many people make is not spreading those protein foods out throughout the day. They skimp out on protein at breakfast, lunch, and snacks and backfill with a big portion of protein at dinner