Author: TaraDell

This is Thanksgiving and My Dad

Given I mostly use this blog for my business, I have been hesitant to post more personal stories lately. But that is what this blog was orginially for in the first place. I am not one to just go on in business as if things are the same or as if I am the same. In that regard, we are at an interesting space in the post-pandemic world where we are all different. We have all experienced a collective grief and loss and to think that we can go on the way we were, spending most of our waking hours trying to keep personal and professional separate, denying humanity for the sake of….I don’t even know. I also think sharing real life is important in business. It often explains a lot about one and another. We are all only human after all. So here is what is on my mind this Thanksgiving.

close up of caesar salad

Romaine lettuce has protein, right?

Sometimes I get questions that remind me to question what I think I know. In general vegetables can not be counted on to be a high quality source of protein – meaning nutritionally complete and digestib-ly present protein. They can however, compliment other protein sources to improve total diet protein quality.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms

Like all mothers whose babies arrive early or with complications that send them to the NICU there is an eyes-wide-open moment when you are faced with how vulnerable we all are. The gift of becoming a mother to a baby born too early is that you will never take even the simplest of moments for granted. My 26-weeker just passed his eye exam at the DMV while applying for a driver’s permit. My heart is full.