Author: TaraDell

Top Trends in Food

number of innovative food companies are working hard to make eating healthy simplier. They hire me to do the nutrition thinking for them and then pass it on to you! Without giving away any secrets I can tell you that the biggest trends in ‘eating’ are animal-free food options, meal delivery services, and nutrient dense foods.

clear glass container with coconut oil

Coconut oil is healthier than what?

Research done on heart disease and saturated fat has not included sources high in MCT like coconut oil. Whether or not saturated fats containing mostly MCTs are detrimental to health is controversial. There is not enough research to villainize these oils specifically or to make them a “health food” as coconut oil has been made out to be in health and nutrition media.

Three Elements to Building Body and Planet Resilence with Food

My work as a nutrition advisor for active individuals and food companies centers around improving the health of people and the planet. I do this by helping food companies make foods that serve a sound nutrition purpose AND by coaching people to fuel wildly active lifestyles.  Why wildly active? Wild is a reference to trying something beyond your normal comfort zone and outdoors. Active is in reference to moving your body, not because you have to but because it feels good.  Why make foods with nutrition purpose?There are already plenty of junk foods in every category on the shelves. Making foods that taste good and deliver a benefit to the body can help active people living with purpose apply the tactics below. The three tactics are common practice for the world’s most successful athletes. They are beneficial for those who may not consider themselves “athletes” too but, I contest that if you have a body, you are an athlete. Let’s talk about the nutrition purpose your food company delivers on and how to share that purpose with …