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This is Thanksgiving and My Dad

Given I mostly use this blog for my business, I have been hesitant to post more personal stories lately. But that is what this blog was orginially for in the first place. I am not one to just go on in business as if things are the same or as if I am the same. In that regard, we are at an interesting space in the post-pandemic world where we are all different. We have all experienced a collective grief and loss and to think that we can go on the way we were, spending most of our waking hours trying to keep personal and professional separate, denying humanity for the sake of….I don’t even know. I also think sharing real life is important in business. It often explains a lot about one and another. We are all only human after all. So here is what is on my mind this Thanksgiving.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms

Like all mothers whose babies arrive early or with complications that send them to the NICU there is an eyes-wide-open moment when you are faced with how vulnerable we all are. The gift of becoming a mother to a baby born too early is that you will never take even the simplest of moments for granted. My 26-weeker just passed his eye exam at the DMV while applying for a driver’s permit. My heart is full.

Outwild is My Kind of Wild

Change is wild. It can happen to us or by us. The beautiful part of being human is we have choice at our fingertips. We have our own wild hearts and minds that can intentionally choose one path over another. Intentional design the life you dream of despite fear. Don’t know where to start? Attend an Outwild Event

Someday Is Now

Being a present and available parent for my kids drives my ambitions and choice to live and work on my own terms. December tenth is a special day, a milestone day in my journey with my husband as a parent. It is a day that I hold close. Some day is today. Thirteen years ago my Mom sat by my side in the hospital. We were sitting next to the incubator. Actually it is called an isolate. Incubators are for chickens, not people. This very special bed held my very special son, Eric, at a weight of one pound fourteen ounces. ( He now weighs ninety pounds and would be so embarrassed that I wrote this.) Those who knew us then, know this story well. I went into labor on Labor Day and two days later, after loads of magnesium and other drugs, the doctors couldn’t stop the contractions, I was nine centimeters dilated, and Eric was born at twenty–six weeks and two days gestation instead of the full-term forty weeks. I was teeth-chatteringly frightened. …

What Do I Do?

Meeting new people often involves answering this question, “what do you do?” While a person does many things this question usually refers to the type of “work” a person identifies with to sustain the livelihood of themselves and/or their family. If my neighbor were to answer this question for me she would likely say that I pull weeds in the yard, run with my dog, and go skiing with my kids. I do all of those things and while these activities are certainly sustaining they don’t buy the groceries or afford us the money to keep up with the gear needed to stay active all year round with a family of four! I actually do waaaay more than pull weeds. The root (too punny?) of my work is connecting people to wildly active lifestyles that create opportunities for peak experiences, preferably in the outdoors. I do this by advising the development of foods that serve the needs of active people, delivering workshops and talks at events, and meeting with mountain athletes to create a personalized …