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Debunking the Diet

A few years ago I had the distinct pleasure of living my childhood fantasy. As a kid, I dreamt about being on a film set, having the director holler “CUUT” and then have the take-counter (you know, the one with the chalkboard and black and white arm that makes the clicking noise) click before me. To film a series of short clips took about twenty hours. Not only did I get the scene-counter experience, I also got to debunk some of the DUMBEST dieting myths I had ever heard under the brilliant direction of a Funny or Die director. I also got to work with a far more practiced and completely supportive , Erin Gibson, brillant author of Feminasty and is the cohost of pod-cast Throwing Shade. All of it was and experience for the books! My mantra before delivering any kind of nutrition decree has since been “Friendly teacher me”. That was what the director kept telling me. Stick to the script (that I wrote), don’t improv, and “friendly teacher me”! Good direction. Wish …