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clear glass container with coconut oil

Coconut oil is healthier than what?

Research done on heart disease and saturated fat has not included sources high in MCT like coconut oil. Whether or not saturated fats containing mostly MCTs are detrimental to health is controversial. There is not enough research to villainize these oils specifically or to make them a “health food” as coconut oil has been made out to be in health and nutrition media.

Four Things to Consider When Making or Eating Food

What really gets me are the foods that nutri-wash. These are foods made to meet criteria for putting claims like high-protein, less- sugar, or plant-based on their package but a look at the ingredient list reveals junk like artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

Non-Alcoholic Beer as a Hydrating Option for Adventure!

Alcohol and athletic performance don’t always play well together. Alcohol can slow recovery post workout and may make you feel groggy and bloated. If you are partaking in a mid-day workout while also working from home, you want to come back focused and clear headed, something that alcohol can also distract from.

Eating with Purpose

Whether coaching a food company on innovating a new food or drink or coaching athletes developing a personalized nutrition plan, it all begins with purpose.

Home School Nutrition Lesson of the Day

I had big plans for posting Boston Marathon fueling strategies to share with you. Times however change fast and while my pivot feels slow and overwhelming, here we go: Home School Nutrition Lesson of the Day: Allergies vs Intolerances