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True tellings about what dietitians really eat

Mother’s Days. Adventures Are On!

Mother’s Day doesn’t seem right unless I am on the Northern California Coastline unplugged and with my dudes soaking up all the outdoor adventures we can squeeze into a long weekend of car camping. Some moms long for breakfast in bed, pampering of the nails, or brunching fine-dining style.  Those things are great but, me? Nah, I ask for a family adventure. Even car camping is an adventure when you add kids and a new puppy to the mix! I wouldn’t have Mother’s Day any other way right now. Last year we opted for a Mother’s Day of regularly scheduled little league and a nice home cooked dinner. It was great but, we all longed to be under the oak tree near the stream hiking, biking, trail running and roasting s’mores. So this year we went back to the tent. This time of year Mama is usually training for some kind of mountain running/scramble race. My sights are on running the  Broken Arrow 26km which, covers some of Squaw Valley’s  famous terrain ascending to elevation of 8750 …

Dietitian Confessions

I don’t survive on broccoli, beans, and blueberries alone. I eat ice cream OR chocolate almost every day. It IS Dreyer’s Slow-churn and only fair trade  dark. I love good bread and have zero interest in pre-sliced, manufactured variety. I eat candy corn out of childhood nostalgia. ONLY in the fall I eat candy pumpkins out of college-days nostalgia  and sometimes mail them to my friends  even though it costs more to mail and they can get them where the live (probably) I feed my kids cinnamon-sugar-butter toast (whole wheat) for breakfast and have been known to eat their leftovers… the floor I am not behind the removal of donuts from company breakfast meetings. I love donuts, but most of all, love getting donuts at Bob’s in San Francisco I struggle to get one son to eat vegetables and the other to eat fruit BUT I NEVER GIVE UP! Stand tuned, there will be many more confessions.