Meet Tara Dell

As a registered dietitian with over 25 years of experience in the nutrition industry,
I identify fresh opportunities for people to elevate their products, build marketing programs, craft meaningful messages and embark on proper adventures!

Hi! I am Tara DelloIacono Thies, registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and owner of Summit Nutrition Strategy consulting. I started this consulting business to help food companies improve the quality of food they put into the food system and to help people fuel their body for more peak experiences!

Who I Workth With

I advise food companies and athletic lifestyle organizations how to make meaningful impacts on the health of people and our food system. I guide innovation teams, bring educational nutrition program to team and schools, and collaborate with brands.

My work also extends to a handful of individuals looking to dial in food as fuel in order to get them where they want to go.

How I Empower My Clients

I get to know the company, team or individual so together we can strategically and intentionally align good nutrition with company or personal vision.

How We Put Purposeful Nutrition into Action

  • First , we get to know the company mission, vision, goals and audience by connecting with you, your team and your target audience.
  • Then we review and evaluate current process and product details to make sound nutrition recommendations on current strategy and how to achieve goals.
  • Next we set up guidelines, make informed choices, and uncover language that speaks truth to food and gets noticeable results

“My profound sense of adventure coupled with my expertise in endurance sport, consumer packaged goods, marketing, education and nutrition science brings fresh thinking to your team! My goal is to help clients understand how their products and services impact the health of people and our food system. I combine creative action and thoughtful nutrition to drive forward a positive impact on the health and performance of people and our planet.

Mt Tallac Desolation Wilderness Photo Credit: Janel Anderson http://mountainrebalance.com/