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Energizing Mountain Bike Adventures

Journeying along side many competitive and non-competitive athletes (well, they are competitive too, with themselves) I have seen success come from well-planned nutrition both in competition and training. Considerations range from what to eat, how much, and when to it.  Every sport will have specific considerations along with it’s unique barriers and challenges for staying nourished and energized.

Last summer I had the pleasure of attending Crankworx at Whistler Blackcomb  in beautiful British Columbia. ( Oh take me their today!) While I was there I spoke to avid mountain bikers about what to eat when and how it can be their secret weapon to better performance on and off the dirt.

You can listen to some of what I shared from with the athletes from the kitchen here:

Hanging with legendary Hans  and Carmen Rey was also an awesome treat for both me and my boys who got to join in the fun. Once they heard that Han would be joining in with their  superstar Danny Macaskill they become mesmerized.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to come out of this experience for me was a renewed interest in mountain biking. After my boys were born and the child seat put on my old mountain bike I never did get this activity back in the rotation of running, yoga, skiing, and family play time. I re-learned the joy of mountain biking for from the lovely, dirty  ladies at Trek Dirt Series. They were encouraging, patient, kind, and pushed me just enough to feel more confident. Needless to say I bought a used mountain bike (from an Olympian none-the-less) to get “back in the saddle”. Yes! Dirt here I come and this time on a bike!

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