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Hits from the “Debunking the Diet” Archive: Fools for Fiber

For some the word diet is a four letter word that means deprivation, restriction and missing out on the sexy food in the world. To me, diet is simply a word describing the food that goes into the body each day.

This little video was made as part of a “Debunking the Diet ” campaign I did for LUNA BAR several years ago. While the campaign is long over, the nutrition information and humor still stands.

What also still stands is LUNA’s mission to empower women to rise above, and be the leaders our world so desperately needs right now. We are not trapped in this world that white men driven by power and wealth have created. Today, more than ever before we need the sensibilities of the feminine nature in leadership.

Yeah, kind of a hard to follow that paragraph up with a video about fiber. It isn’t just about fiber. It is about using humor to ditch the obsession with how our body looks, and to start being proud and grateful for the body we have. This would free our minds focus outside of ourselves and share our gifts for a greater, collective impact on things most important to our future.

In making these videos  I achieved my dream of having the scene counter clapped in all its black-and-white chalkboard greatest in front of my face. I also was treated with patience as the non-actor of the group by Erin and the director. The director said , “Teach me Tara. Friendly teacher me.” That was her exact direction. Perhaps my gift is to friendly teacher.

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