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I love the way you call me Momma

This is Momma’s (that’s me) first Mother’s Day as a mother of not one, but two beautiful boys.

I am in awe every day as I look at there happy faces and watch them grow, their personalities emerge, that I have been the chance to bring them into this world and guide them along their paths.

Eric is three and a half .He is sweet, sincere, and imaginative. He is also ambitious, determined, head-strong, courageous, and speedy. He knows exactly what he wants and he goes after it after careful calculation.

Noah is now two and a half months. He is sweet and sensitive. He is calm and happy. He is 11 pounds 7 ounces and 22 inches. He has a good appetite and smiles at the sounds of our voices and at the smiles on our faces. His eyes are as big and bright as his brothers and I see so much familiarity in is face. I am going to be bold and say that he resembles me and sometimes I see expressions that mirror my mother’s expressions.

Today, I caught Noah smiling and kooing at Eric. It made Eric so happy to get some attention from Noah. Eric smiled and giggled back at him. Of course it melted my heart. These boys are going to great pals.

For Mother’s Day the boys surprised me with tomato plants and other seeds that we all planted together today. Eric and I spend a lot of time in our yard with our gardening gloves on and I have been wanting to plant tomatoes so this was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s day. Spending the putzing in the dirt in the yard was perfect. This on the heals of getting to go to yoga (by myself – not mom/baby yoga) yesterday AND get my hair done in the city. I was definitely spoiled this weekend.

When Eric was born our lives came to a screeching and sudden halt. I did NOTHING but pump milk and go to the hospital. I didn’t listen to music, watch movies, go for runs, meet with friends, have guests over, go out to eat, go to the store, ride my bike…..nothing. There was nothing in our lives besides Eric, hospital, and – for Aaron- trying to work. When Eric was Noah’s age we very slowly starting re-incorporated the things we loved back into our lives . Noah being born a blessed full-term big, healthy baby we are experiencing incorporating him into all we do. I must say this is a profound and welcomed difference. Noah gets to come along on the ride and hear so much laughter (from us and his brother) and be with parents  who aren’t worn down from spending three stressful months prior in the hospital.

Eric is a beautiful miracle of a boy to have arrived at 26 weeks and 2 days and be the thriving little boy he is. Noah is a beautiful miracle to have achieved a goal of full term and be the health happy boy he is. I am filled with gratitude to have experienced both. I am a better mother because of these experiences, not letting the normal hard stuff (like being awake with both kids at 1:00am or Eric having ZERO interest in potty training) get me down because after all it is NORMAL; and as my wise sister-in-law and mother of three says when things seem tough, “It is just a phase and it will pass.”  I also don’t let the small stuff like “spilled milk” or even finger-nail polish on the rug get to me because, well, messes happen and they can be cleaned up. It’s ok. In fact when Eric spills something now he looks at me and says “its ok” and I look right back at him say “it sure is!”

Thank you for this blessing of motherhood.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s!

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