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I run to be a Momma

A few weeks ago I (Momma) ran my favorite half-marathon course in San Francisco as one of the 20,000 runners running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Can you see my name on the list of runners? Hint: its in alphabetical order.

“I run to be…..” was the theme of this years Nike Women’s. Marathon. My goal was to just finish the 13.1 miles given I had hardly run a step until 2 months prior. Last year my goal was to NOT run it. Not as strange as it sounds. If you have been a runner as long as I have you know what I am talking about. Not running can be as hard and sometimes harder than actually running. Last year I was pregnant with our precious boy Noah and had my own marathon of pregnancy to focus on.

Jodi (good friend) came all the way from Anchorage so we could run this together

Jodi’s fellow Alaskan ran the Marathon & joined us in some goofiness

This year running was about celebrating. Celebrating my blessed boys and all they have brought into our life, and celebrating the fact that I can run. This may sound corny, but it is true. I get so emotional at this race that when I run it I am smiling and sometimes even tearing up through the whole thing.

It might seem contradicting to some to say I run to be a Momma and then see me running “away” from my kids, but every time I take that running break I come back being a happier and more vibrant Momma. Not to mention running equips me with the stamina and endurance I need to stay ahead of these very active little boys!

Running is my sanctuary, my meditation, and my moving prayer. It is my giant exhale at the end of the day, in the early morning, or after my mind is over-jumbled with questions and thoughts. Running affords me the time I need think, or not; reflect, or not; it is after all my time and my choice however long or short it may be.

Seeing my boys waiting for me at the finish line with my dry clothes and chocolate milk was….well I can’t describe it any other way than warming….warmed my heart.

So don’t tell me that the Nike Women’s event has nothing to do with men because for me it is all about them. I run to be a Momma.

All Mommas Running like a motha

I also run to be a friend and was so lucky to share this with my a friend who knows more about me than I know about me. Jodi came all the way from Anchorage to run and play.

So special for Jodi to meet my boys

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