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I workout first thing in the morning, when should I eat?

I workout first thing in the morning, and lately I’m increasing my workout ( adding strength training and interval training). Normally I don’t eat anything before, but I’ve been feeling wiped out during the longer workouts. I’m wondering when you would recommend eating and of that might help me?


It is no wonder you are feeling wiped out!  An increase in intensity and duration of a workout can increase your energy needs, and after an eight hour fast (while you were sleeping), you have little fuel available in your blood stream for immediate use by those  muscles.  You need to get some quick fuel in to fire up the muscles to work better for you! High in carbohydrate food eaten or drank before you get started  can make a big difference in the quality of your AM workouts.

If you roll right out of bed and into your workout clothes there will be little time for foods containing fiber, fat, and protein to digest. So keep it simple to limit stomach aches. My appetite isn’t all that first thing in the morning so I grab eight ounce glass for juice and a banana. This will provide quickly digested energy that will go straight your super-energy highway (your blood stream) to be delivered to the muscles for energy

If your workout is longer than one hour sip on a sports drink to give your muscles a continuous supply of energy.

Be sure to follow up your morning workout with other healthy breakfast items that are rich in both carbohydrate and protein such as bowl of cereal milk and fruit, or an egg with toast and yogurt.  This will prepare your body for consecutive daily workouts by  helping to promote faster recovery.


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