Nutrition Daze and Concussion Recovery

Literally it has been a few months since my last post.  Recovery from a concussion incurred when walking my dog has set me back months on 1) Resigning my from eighteen year post as the lead nutrition strategist for Clif Bar & Company 2) Launching my own nutrition strategy company, and  3) Training for mountain adventures!

No matter how a head injury is obtained, it is no joke. After a febal attempt at slowing down for two weeks and coming back to full speed the third week post concussion, I set myself back further. Big plans and big ambition have had me in over drive for the last year. When my doctor said take two days off and take it easy for a few weeks, she had no idea how ampt up my baseline was.

Leaving one of the best offices and companies to start my own business from the mountain town of Truckee has been a year in the making and had me in a whirlwind of driving, texting (not while driving, thank you!), learning, planning, strategizing, and running with my running people to stay sane. I have been living out of a bag for months, leaving my family every week , and “spare bedroom surfing” in the Bay Area to make it all work. Then SMACK, enticing my dog to run between my legs and hanging my head down at her level, we cracked noggins.

One month later, my head is still not straight but, it is better enough to share with you my nutrition regimen for concussion recovery. While the science isn’t certain on this methods, it certainly can’t hurt. Here is my nutrition prescription for healing mind and body rocked when dog walking:

  1. One five gram scoop of creatine powder blended with plain greek yogurt, banana, and nut butter (daily)
  2. 2000 IU Vitamin D
  3. 2000 IU Omega 3
  4. Topical arnica on shoulders each evening
  5. Arnica tablets as directed on bottle

Setbacks are rarely planned. When the inevitably hit there is a process that must be respected (reminder to self).  I realize this incidence could have been much worse.  Finding gratitude in even the slightests of struggles can help bring comfort in doing just what we can today and the patience to not push ourselves for more all the time.

Stayed tuned on progess towards and ways to work with me in the near-er future.

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