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Post baby body can be better than pre-baby! Really.

Many women have the notion that there body will never be the same post-pregnancy. This may be true. In fact, it is actually possible to have a healthier, fitter, and happier body after pregnancy! Why? Because thanks to your new baby you have a whole new perspective on what is really important, enjoying the journey and challenges of motherhood.
Far too many women are plagued by guilt and restrictions associated with food, which can bust the good mood of any new mama. I am proposing you reclaim your body with gusto by letting go of the pressure and expectation to look and be a certain way. Invite a new approach to reclaiming your body, trusting your nutrition intuition.
We are smart women, it doesn’t take a doctor or a dietitian to tell us what to eat. We do know. Trust yourself and let pride be the guiding light. By trusting your gut instincts on good health and following your nutrition intuition you can reconnect to your own “inner dietitian” that has been clouded by years diet myths, conflicting information, and misrepresented facts.
Begin incorporating the following “game changers” to the art and science of better, more balanced health:
1. Eat in a way you feel proud of.
No apologies or excuses. Including fruits and vegetables at each meal or noshing on carrots as an afternoon snack is something to be proud. Devouring a bag of chips while you make dinner for the family probably isn’t your proudest nutrition moment.
2. Enjoy the rewards of positive eating.
Take a moment to assess how you feel when include more positive snacks in your day: more energy, improved  daily performance, better mood
3.  Recognize that food offers so much more than nutrition
It is quite alright  to eat something just of the taste of it. Acknowledging this while also acknowledging #1 And # 2 will help you moderate things like chocolate and still enjoy it.
4. Think of your snacks as mini meals.
Think of snacking as a good opportunity to sneak in more nutrients. Take advantage of your snacking time!
 5. Follow this  simple equation:
Fiber + Protein and/or Healthy Fat = Nourishing Snack
6. Listen to your body for hunger cues.
Are you reaching for a snack because you’re really hungry or because you’re sad, bored, frustrated, or tired? If you’re unsure, wait 20 minutes. After the time has passed and you still feel like you need a snack, chances are you’re really hungry.
7. Enjoy and savor your snack.
If you focus on the moment, you’ll be more likely to make healthier choices, you’ll be more satisfied after you finish eating, and be less likely to reach for something when you’re not really hungry.
8. Nourish your body every 3 -5 hours.
Eating often & regularly is the key to maintaining your energy. It keeps your mind sharp, your body energized, and help to prevent you from over-eating at meal times.

Embrace your softer side right now. Use your inner dietitian. Be kind to yourself. Your body just did something amazing. Give it the time and space and opportunity to recover and focus on maintaining your well-being so you can focus on what’s really important, enjoy these baby moments and your new family.
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