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Priceless experiences, beautiful scenery: endurance & stamina required

What has Eric been up to lately? Well, more than Momma can mention in just one blog. Prior to welcoming his new brother Noah he was performing figure skating and down hill ski runs in the family room while Momma watched him an the 2010 Winter 0lympics in Vancover from her perch on the couch.

Here are some picks of Momma at 36 weeks pregnant with baby brother Noah Tyler who arrived in perfect form February 27 at 8:03am. Labor and delivery was all Momma & Dadda could have ever hoped for, textbook! A familiar and exciting labor story that I will share more later.

Meet Noah Tyler DelloIacono Thies weighing 7 lbs and 8oz and 20 inches long. Those little feet Momma has been patting from her belly are not so little and he is the signature DelloIacono Thies long toes and long narrow feet. His eye already sparkle blue and there are light brown blonde tufts of hair on his head. He is perfect, healthy, and beautiful.

We have been home with baby brother Noah for one week, emotions and hormones running high. Sleep and self-care running low. Dadda is working hard to be our steady support and midnight shuttle to CPMC. Momma is working on the kinks in breast feeding, dealing with her mind-of-its-own uterus, and helping Noah adjust to his home. Eric is adjusting to a baby Noah with a roller coaster of emotion telling neighbors “we have a baby Noah”. Eric, too, is running low on sleep through all the excitement. Grandma Lorraine is working overtime to keep laundry clean, Eric happy, our house stocked with food, our bathrooms clean, and Noah soothed. She has also had to explain to Eric twice now in the middle of the night that Momma & Dadda had to make a run to the hospital and will be back soon. Phewww…stamina and endurance….a must in this household.

Much like and ultra-marathon, which Momma has yet to add to her running resume (never say never), bringing a new baby home to house in which a toddler reins supreme King is both a complete rush and an experience I would recommend to anyone. There is no other job that leaves you wondering how it is noon and you haven’t found time to eat, drink, or perform your own self-care (bathroom, brush teeth etc). Here is a quick update on the state of this beautiful household before I have to jump from my computer and feed the baby, hug big brother, or shout out a favor to Dadda and Grandma:

– Momma & Dadda have made two trips (one evening, and one midnight runs)to CPMC to find out that Momma’s tempermental uterus is now so relaxed it needs some help contracting back. Gotta love drugs.

– Dadda has made four runs to CPMC in 1 week: 1 for baby Noah’s arrival, 2 for Momma’s now-resolved issues, and 1 for treatment of Eric’s pink eye

– Momma’s routine is feed Noah, rock Noah, change Noah (maybe 2-3 times per hour -he is a good eater), nurses her nipples in hopes of maintaining their integrity for the next feeding which could be as soon as one hour, going to the bathroom and changing her own “diaper” (sorry for TMI but who cares), maybe getting something to drink before starting all over

– Eric wakes up excited to go to Stella’s birthday party and ends up being shuttled from birthday to CPMC to treat Pink Eye

– Grandma is maintaing. Thank God for Grandma’s

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