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Run Momma

Momma has been on a running roll this year running Hood to Coast in August, Nike Women’s Marathon in October, Chico Almond Bowl Half-marathon, and topping off the year with the Cal International Marathon.

I have not had this much fun running since the the high school glory days of undefeated seasons, course records, blue ribbons, and honors and awards. Back then I ran for the love of it without really realizing what it was the drew me to run and enjoy training.

Since have children, a husband, a home, and a full-time job I have a knew appreciation for running or maybe it is a “re-newed appreciation of running. I used to think running would take time away from my family so I better not go “too” far. What I have found is quite the opposite. It brings my family together.

It also gives me commrodary with fellow runners, friends, and co-workers that I haven’t had since the days of high school cross-country.

One of the most beautiful thing about running is it gives you “space”. The kids learn at school about¬† space and how we all need it and how to provide it. In a world where we are constantly pulled in more directions then we are able to accommadate running gives you mind a single focus. You have one thing to do in the moment and that is run. It also gives me something I can do to completion. Many projects get interrupted and you don’t get to complete them in your time. Running you complete at your own pace in your own time. It is something that is all yours. You can choose what direction to got, how far, how fast, what to listen to, and what to think about. It is beautiful.

Dadda and the kids have been my support crew cheering me on every stop of the way. They have cow bells to ring at races and hugs and kisses to give me at the finish line. The expos are fun to and have become a family outing. Eric loves picking up my number and watching me prepare me “goods ” for race day. He is also sweet as can be when I finish, holding my hand and giving me kisses and tell me he loves me.

There are two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as if everything is.

-Albert Einstein (fellow preemie)

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