Nutrition Coaching

Spend less energy thinking about what to eat so you have more energy for what you love to do!

How do I do that Tara?

Make healthy, nourishing and energizing food routine, atomatic and avaliable. Know your routine ahead of time and shop the routine so you are always prepared to stay on your routine and then, when LIFE HAPPENS and BEING HUMAN happens and ROUTINE is disrupted, you have a routine to go back to.

Tara Delloiacono Thies, RDN

How It Works

Schedule a complimentary call by clicking this button and we will talk about how a personalized eating guide or race day nutrition strategy can help you to create a nourishing routine that supports your goals! If we get down to it, you know what to eat! Now let’s make it happen!

You will fill out a short questionnaire, which will give Tara an idea of where you stand with your relationship with food and nutrition and what you are hoping to accomplish during your time together.

Next, you select your package below and book your first session. This is when you will have the chance to fill out a detailed questionnaire so we can really individualize a plan that works for you.

Nutrition Coaching Services

Want even more personalized nutrition recommendations? Get a simple genetic test as another tool in your tool box to understanding your personal nutrition needs! Please read more here

You can also see a sample report here

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