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Silly Momma for sure

Momma is going to have to bring up the commitment level a bit when it comes to getting out on those weekend runs. Why? Because somehow my name was drawn to run this event

and the Nike Women’s Marathon (did I really put my name in for the FULL on purpose? Silly Mommy! What was I thinking!)

What this means is that I am going to have to get back into running with the kids. Eric has been in the baby jogger many times over his 4.5 years. Noah, hasn’t logged as much time in the jogger partially because we live in a super flat place and I can run with in the “rockstar” stroller. Yes we have a multitude if wheeling choices that take over the garage so much that we can’t get the car in.

One of those wheeled options is Eric’s bike. So for the first time I took him with on a run while he road his push bike. I knew 5 miles was ambitious but had a planned stop at the beach and potentially the the park. He did great and we had a few races between stop signs. After our stop at the park I did some cross training. Because Eric was pooped I put him on my back piggy-back style and clasped the mini-push bike in my fists for the 6 blocks we had left. We both had a blast!

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