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Some Days Training Looks Like This

Mothering two active and enthusiastic boys requires more strength and fitness than running often does. I am still unclear if training keeps me fit for mothering or if mothering keeps me fit for training. 

Pushing ninety-pounds of boy + big wheel + snack rickshaw-style from swimming lessons to little league at eight-minute mile pace so we aren’t late for the game is certainly strength building. Driving is of course an option if I want to spend my entire Saturday sitting in the car, sitting at the lesson, and then more sitting at the game.

Using human power to get where we need to go as often more fun, faster (no searching for parking!), and efficient. Run with them then stretch on the sidelines seems to be an all-around win for all!

Running home after running to swimming lessons. Noah has great time speeding there on his big wheel with me next to him pushing the Burley for his inevitable rickshaw-style ride home (above)

Then there is this workout option:

A grocery store “run” becomes an excellent conditioning workout.

Sometimes you have just have to rethink your workouts to find the time train or simply move more! 

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