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Eight Anniversary of Coming Home

December tenth doesn’t mean much to my enthusiastic 8 year old. He doesn’t get presents and it isn’t his birthday. To me however, this day never goes by without a moment to note its very special significance. Today will always be the day we brought our first born home from his 96 day stay at California Pacific Medical Center. It was a long sleepless night for all of us. I was terrified. I had convinced myself that babies were best cared for under the twenty-four hour attention of highly trained medical professionals and, maybe he was better off there until he is was one year old. Something so natural as bringing your baby home from the hospital seemed inconceivable for me at that time. He seemed so safe in the hospital. Bringing him home felt equivalent to running a mountain ridge with scissors in your hand. First Ride in the car. Destination? Home! Of course it was time and ready or not he was coming home leaving behind the sanitized medical facility for the warm …

5th Anniversary

August 24th Aaron and I celebrated 5 amazing years of marriage. It has been 9 years since we met on Notre Dame in Santa Clara – Jen and Tony thought we might be weird enough for each other. Thanks for the enoucorage guys, because as you know, you were right. Our adventurers are many, but what I have learned this year is that the real adventure is just being together, where ever that me be, doing or not doing, raising Eric, and growing our family. Being together is timeless. I have already lost track of the years and every minute we have spent together seems like justyesterday.