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Crushing Running Goals at Forty

My long-term relationship with running matured to a great place in my first year of forty. Gone are the days of running to burn calories. Instead, running┬áhas become my sanctuary, my place to pray, breath, think and find space. It helps me to filter out unnecessary thoughts, worries, and to-do’s. Running helps me find clarity and connect my stories whether they are at home or work. Through running I solve problems, make decisions, and leave behind things that no longer serve me. At forty years-old, running brings simplicity to this complicated life of experiences. I put on my shoes and go. One foot in front of the other. Simple.┬áSome of life’s greatest struggles leave little freedom or desire to run. Such was the case after Eric was born. Eventually running called me back and today I see that running as privilege to be grateful for. Muscling through life’s struggles and challenges should assured me that I had what it takes to run trails spanning mountain ranges. So I set out to experience the Ridge Run …

Montana Summertime

Every summer we go home to Montana, where soda is pop, the sun is up til’ 10pm, and the kids run barefoot in the grass, climb trees and make new friends.Montana living is different. Making a home and life in California makes it easy to see those differences. Things are less complicated. There are fewer people and distractions. There fewer places you think you need be or things you think you should be doing…..or maybe that is just vacation. Hylite outside of Bozeman. Photo Credit: Aunt Kathy