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Pregnant? Let nourishment flow

Welcome to the journey of bringing a child into this world. If you are reading this it is likely that you are a woman who cares about the health of her body and baby. You, like most every woman I know may have concerns over a changing body and weight gain. Questions come to mind such as:                        Will my body ever be the same?             How much weight should I gain?             Do people think I am getting fat? Let me start by reminding you that you are not getting fat. You are having a baby which looks and feels very different than an increase in body size due to dietary weight gain and inactivity. When you are pregnant friends, family, and even perfect strangers seem to think it is now open season to comment on your size. This can be uncomfortable for a healthy, fit, body-aware woman. When this happens (and it will!) boost your  confidence with this mantra: My body and health are perfect, beautiful, and amazing. Trust  your body’s innate ability …

Post baby body can be better than pre-baby! Really.

Many women have the notion that there body will never be the same post-pregnancy. This may be true. In fact, it is actually possible to have a healthier, fitter, and happier body after pregnancy! Why? Because thanks to your new baby you have a whole new perspective on what is really important, enjoying the journey and challenges of motherhood. Far too many women are plagued by guilt and restrictions associated with food, which can bust the good mood of any new mama. I am proposing you reclaim your body with gusto by letting go of the pressure and expectation to look and be a certain way. Invite a new approach to reclaiming your body, trusting your nutrition intuition. We are smart women, it doesn’t take a doctor or a dietitian to tell us what to eat. We do know. Trust yourself and let pride be the guiding light. By trusting your gut instincts on good health and following your nutrition intuition you can reconnect to your own “inner dietitian” that has been clouded by years …

Little toes

Eric is one week old today! Yesterday the doctors made the decision to put Eric on the ventilator. His lungs are strong but his body forgets to breathe now and then which is common with 26 week preemies. The vent adjusts to his breathing automatically and when he stops breathing it fills the lungs with air. Now he can focus on growing and getting stronger. When using the vent he can also sleep on his stomach which preemies LOVE.He is so adorable and he seems to recognize our voices.