Tara Dell Tells Tuesday Vol. 3

Kids are back in school and it is definitely feeling and smelling like fall. Every time there is a shift in day-to-day we are all a little on edge in my house and can use whatever help we can get to continue prioritizing eating well. One day I was working at my basecamp with zero food in the place. I went down to the general store and the best I could do was Annie’s frozen meal for $8.00! This is NOT the first time consideration of my own nutrition needs has been lacking when I am busying myself with everyone elses. So I enlisted the help of this awesome service! Daily Harvest!

No, they aren’t paying me to tell you this! When something is this helpful I am compelled to share it. Now, before I start getting comments about how there is too much packaging or the cost is too high, here me out! If you are eating lunch out of a commercial grab-n-go cooler somewhere or a restaurant, you are spending way more on lower quality ingredients.

For $150 I have a freezer stocked with healthy last-minute individual options for me and my family: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We don’t need to reach for them every day but, when we need them, I am relieved they are there! I am still a little uneasy about the packaging. So, Daily Harvest, anything you can do about more sustainable packaging for delivery?

Individualized nutrition gets even more specific with access to genetic testing! When working with sponsored athlete teams like TEAM CLIF or The North Face I provide Nutrigenomix tests. This test looks at the athlete-specific responses to nutrients. For an example, an athlete might have a genetic predisposition for low iron storage, which makes them more of a candidate for iron deficiency and to focus on more absorbable food sources of iron or possibly supplements. Or they may have the “fat gene” which means their body needs a greater calorie deficit than average to lose one point! Here is a hilarious video from Andrew East and Shawn Johnson East, an NFL player and Olympic gymnast I worked with giving shout out to the test and Andrew trying to empathize with Shawn about her body changes in pregnancy.

In other news from my business Summit Nutrition Strategy, I am now consulting with the Sugar Bowl Ski Team and Academy. Their program is world-class and these student-athletes are nothing less than amazing! With that, I will be sharing tons of winter sports nutrition tips in the coming months that I also share with these pros! Until then here are here is the areas if nutrition discipline for improved athletic activity!

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