Tara Dell Tells Tuesday Vol. 4

How is Tuesday again already? And Also fall? It is a beautiful fall to be sure and I am overwhelmed trying to run all my favorite high country trails before the snow settles in and prepare for exciting projects!


Starting my own business was inspired not only by my desire to help others realize peak experiences but also so I could begin melding how I live and work in a way that best suits the lifestyle my family and me. This weekend I am leading two workshops at the Outwild’s flagship event! It takes place at a river rafting camp on the American River and is complete with a learning, outdoor experiences, and inspiration! It may rain and the whole thing is outdoors but, if you know me, you know I like the added challenge of adapting for weather!

I am leading two of my active lifestyle workshops:

  1. Engaging in an (outdoor-minded) Life of Your Design with a Family


2. Give Up the Food Fight and Make Food Your Ally


Let’s talk about periods for just a second. Once a month a woman’s hormones shift in ways that are both natural, life-giving, and inconvenient for active women and those who live with women. For years I have counted days on the calendar to determine if I was going to have the added challenge of contending with Premenstrual Syndrome(PMS) or the period before, during, or after a race or some other kind of activity like backpacking. There is a definite impact on energy level and performance, not to mention logistics! For years I have blamed myself for feeling low energy and so tired that I can’t keep up with my day let alone a workout. Now I am back on my supplement regimen and have been using this app to learn more and track what is going on with my body and how it will impact my training. Check it out here

Why should men check it out? 1) so you can try and empathize maybe just a little 2) see what is going on when you think ladies are just crazy

Article you may have missed A Response to a case for the apple fritter as marathon fuel

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