Tara Dell Tells Tuesday Vol. 5

ARTICLE: To Pay Extra for Organic Food or Not…..that is the question we addressed in an article for Training and Conditioning magazine

Ultimately the answer to this question is dependent on a person’s values. While I truly believe that foods grown organically have greater potential for higher nutrient content, it doesn’t always work out that way. The primary reason to chose organic and/or local food sources is because it has less pesticide residue. If there are also more nutrients, well that is just gravy on top! I co-authored an article for an audience that I was super psyched to see interested in the information. You can check it out here at Training and Conditioning magazine

Must Listen to Podcast: The Adventureprenur’s Playbook

I have been listening to the Adventurepreneur Playbook Podcast since episode #1. Jeremy Jensen began publishing his podcast about the time I had the idea to “go pro”. He interviews big-name and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and outside the box thinkers – who have built their passions for adventure, travel, and the outdoors into successful startups, lifestyles, or personal brands. To me going pro is having the courage to take your skills+experience+passion seriously enough to level-up your game an amplify your impact by being who you really are. This podcast shares stories from people who do just that. Listen, learn, and then act!

New Product Find: Birota Foods

Longtime sports dietitian colleague is in the food business with functional creamer and cocoa that intend to bring a little extra focus to your medium of choice. I have adding the creamer to my morning coffee for months now. My ‘n of one’ seems to say the primary functional ingredient ( a medium-chain triglyceride called caprylic acid) is doing what it claims to do, providing an alternative, fast-acting energy source to the brain. Their ingredients are straight-up premium too! Give it a try and let them know I sent you!