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Tara Dell Tells Vol. 6

“What should I eat?” I get this question all the time! Of course, it is because helping people answer that question is part of my profession. I find the question easiest to answer with a quote from Michael Pollan.

“Eat food, mostly plants, not too much”

It’s not that I can’t write you a menu of exactly what to eat every time you need to feed yourself. I can but the question is would you follow it? Maybe? Probably not. Maybe for a few days or even weeks but then what? You need to be able to make food choices that support your purpose. Why? Because that is how you adopt purposefully healthy eating as a lifestyle. This way instead of it being something you just do, it becomes something that just is.

So this week I provide you meal planning tools I use often to help athletes, myself and my family with fresh, new, healthy, and fun ideas that go beyond 4oz grilled chicken (no skin), steamed broccoli, 1 cup for rice!

Meal Lime App

This handy dandy app for your phone is full of simple recipes that are quick to make. They don’t even brag about being quick to make, they just are. You can save your favorites and it creates a grocery list that you can check off as you go through the grocery store! My son loves being in charge of the list, telling me what is next and checking it off so I don’t have to keep looking at the phone!

Run Fast Eat Slow

This is the cookbook that will have sticky pages and water drops because you will be using it so much! It is beautiful with great pics of what you are making and so simply. Get it now. I don’t know why I waited so long. I guess maybe because I find cooking from cookbook recipes tedious but this so isn’t tedious.

Meal Planning Guide

This is a tool created by yours truly. I have adapted it over the years to suit based on the needs of the many athletes I have had the opportunity to work with.

This year I did some summit nutrition planning for mountaineers heading up Everest. There response to how well they stuck to the plan? “It was hard. Everything felt bad. My body hurt. I had no appetite and we got our masks off just long enough for the photo. Fueling up there is hard.”

Check out this short film of the first-ever ski descent of Lhotse by a Truckee local and Telluride local.

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