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Are Juice Plus products worth the cash?

In a word, no. This product claims to pack the nutrition of fruits and vegetables into a powder. That comparison will never add up. I have done the math trying to equalize CPG innovations to the benefits of whole foods. Fresh and whole-foods like actual apples, berries, and spinach win every time. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a dependable spend. I often hear people complain about the cost of fruits and vegetables. They, however, are a far more dependable investment over Juice Plus. Instead of buying Juice Plus invest in whatever it takes for you to eat three fruits and four or more vegetables each day. Maybe it means buying a blender and a stock of frozen spinach, mango, and pineapple to make really nutrient-dense smoothies! I have been on a roll with smoothies lately which can be a delivery system for all sorts of nutritious ingredients like flaxseed meal, maca root, chia seeds, and hemp seeds.

Trying to limit exposure to pesticide residue as much as possible? Juice Plus fruit and veggie ingredients are not organic. How much pesticide residue is on the finished product? This is a call for someone to test it!

Plenty of other smart people have looked with a critical eye Juice Plus, and I agree with their points especially the one about it hurting your bank account. You can read some of those reviews:

Science-based Medicine Abby Langer, RDN Review SCIMoms

Must Watch

To lighten the mood away from pseudoscience-backed health claims. Let me introduce to the production company who nails athletic adventure stereotypes. Their videos are my go-to for comic relief! While food nourishes the body, laughter feeds the soul! Do you know how to be a skier? Watch this “How to be….” video to make sure you get it right.

Recovery Smoothie Combos

I made these with the Sugar Bowl Ski Academy Nordic ski team after conditioning class

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