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The human spirit and a sibling

One of the most amazing things about us people is our resiliency, our ability to heal, and to come back better and stronger.

I have seen the human spirit heal itself over and over and it never ceases to amaze me what strength and courage we all have within us.

We have been gifted the ability to “bounce back” from anything if we choose to. I look to a few friends of mine who have been to the depths of the bottom and eventually return to themselves. My “step-sister” Susan honors her young husband’s life, Dan Fritz, after cancer took him from her too young. She carries on each day with courage, grace, and beauty and is an inspiration.

My friend Bobby whose wife was struck with a sudden and life threatening condition that kept him by her bedside day and night until she had a miraculous recovery that brought her home. They moved on from that trauma to have a beautiful baby girl leaving those terrifying moments far behind them.

I watched a co-worker of mine struggle through the loss of his young brother to a major car accident. He too inspired me with his ability to come back from such a loss and go on living his life. He is quoted as saying, “Now I too have a story.”

I guess my point is everyone has a story and many more than one. We can not anticipate the joys or struggles life will throw our way but we are inner-wired to handle things as the come. This is where we can find the comfort to live our lives to the fullest each day.

Of course, my story is Eric. My recovery from total take-down and weakness took only time and now I am strong enough to enjoy the brilliant opportunity to bring more life into this world with a sibling for Eric who will grace us with their presence in March. If not, well, we can handle it.

Ok! Everyone with me now! One cheer for FULL TERM!

We are thrilled to be pregnant and are enjoying the experience to the fullest

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