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The Rink

The gang finally made it over to Iceland. It has been at least two years since Momma has been one skates. Yes, those are the last pair of professional skates my mom ever bought me back in the day when her car would drive to the west side of town and go only one direction…the 4 Season Ice Rink.

For those of you how don’t recall everything Momma needed to learn about life she learned at the “rink”. I am not sure when I realized I wasn’t going to make an Olympic figure skater but it must have been soon after this photo was taken: (stay tuned…will insert scary photo here)

Momma started skating at the age of 4 so seems fitting time to start Eric. My career started in basic classes after Grandma & Grandpa Bernell & Eric took  me to see my first ice show. I was hooked the minute I saw the costumes and the spot light on the ice. My (still friends – she as my made of honor) friend Heidi was a snowflake.  My Mom’s financial sacrifices and my Grandpa’s taxi surface to the rink has always been a gift I have been grateful for. Nothing feels as good as cruising around the rink, forwards, backwards, edge to ice, with wind breezing by you. It is the biggest aaaaah.

Eric did really well for it first time out with Momma and we even practiced falling so he wouldn’t be afraid to hit the ground. Lord knows I have bruised my tail bone more than once. Aaron has taken Eric on one other occasion and found Eric was more interested in the video games that time around.

Aaron picked up skating recently too. Hockey that is. I will never understand why they don’t want toe picks. He saw a beginners class and showed up as a beginner….hardly even knowing how to skate or owning any gear. He found out that apparently beginning hockey lessons includes mostly individuals who already know how to ice skate. This did not discourage his interest in the least. He picked up the skills fast, borrowed some gear, and now is as anxious I am to get our boys comfortable on the ice.

Noah watched us cruise and banged his hands up on the glass waving at us.

He is a natural!Winter sports watch out!

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