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Three Elements to Building Body and Planet Resilence with Food

My work as a nutrition advisor for active individuals and food companies centers around improving the health of people and the planet. I do this by helping food companies make foods that serve a sound nutrition purpose AND by coaching people to fuel wildly active lifestyles. 

Why wildly active? 
Wild is a reference to trying something beyond your normal comfort zone and outdoors. Active is in reference to moving your body, not because you have to but because it feels good. 

Why make foods with nutrition purpose?
There are already plenty of junk foods in every category on the shelves. Making foods that taste good and deliver a benefit to the body can help active people living with purpose apply the tactics below. The three tactics are common practice for the world’s most successful athletes. They are beneficial for those who may not consider themselves “athletes” too but, I contest that if you have a body, you are an athlete.

Let’s talk about the nutrition purpose your food company delivers on and how to share that purpose with your audience! Schedule a free exploratory session here  or email me directly at

Three Elements to Building Body and Planet Resilence with Food


#1 The amount of food you eat is basically about not eating too much or too little. Eating too much puts the body at risk of carrying more weight and straining its systems. This doesn’t mean you have to be skinny. You can be healthy and fit at any size you feel most comfortable. Eating too few calories also puts a strain on the body systems and puts it at greater risk for nutrient deficiencies. Eat in a way that fuels the activity you are doing. If you would like help figuring out how the amount of food your body requires, book a session with me or reference this tool I help to create!

#2 The quality of food is of critical importance. You may need 2400 calories per day but, what is the best way to spend those calories. First, spend them on the foods that nourish you body and all the things you demand of it. I call these impactful calories. More nutrients per calorie equal more impact! This doesn’t mean counting calories. It does mean eating a colorful variety of food with different tastes, textures, and temperatures. 

#3 TIming eating occasion throughout the day is tactic athletes apply to make the most out of their workouts. Whether or not you consider yourself an athlete, your daily performance can also be improved by spreading foods out throughout the day in ‘small more frequent eating occasions’. This tactic provides a steady stream of nutrients to your brain and muscles all day long. 

For more behaviors that can help support performance, resilience, and health read my short series on Three Performance Nutrition Behaviors:

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