Top Trends in Food

To say I am a bit anxious…..might be an understatement.

Summer is winding down. School is starting up (virtually). Wildfires are raging in my state of California and, and, and…..

What helps me calm down? 
Summiting peaks with friends and knowing I have the food to fuel the weekly adventures (big and small).

I am pleased to say a number of innovative food companies are working hard to make eating healthy simplier. They hire me to do the nutrition thinking for them and then pass it on to you! Without giving away any secrets I can tell you that the biggest trends in ‘eating’ are animal-free food options, meal delivery services, and nutrient dense foods.

Here is a word or two on each of these trends:

I am not a vegetarian. I am however,a lover of variety and often mix in animal-free with animal foods. For example, sometimes I go full-on beef burger and other times, I reach for a meat alternative just to mix it up. You don’t have to be one or the other. You can enjoy the nutrient variety from healthy options in both categories. You don’t even have to identify as a ‘flexitarian’ ! You can just be eating as you!

Meal Delivery Services
There are a number of meal delivery services these days. I subscribe to Daily Harvest and limit the delivery to about every ten weeks. This keeps my freezer stocked with options when I am short on preparation time. With kids back to school, having this simple shortcut to nutrient dense, organic food is worth it.

Nutrient Dense Food Pairing
Back in my early Clif Bar & Company days, LUNA BAR had been fortified with one-hundred percent of the the  Daily Value (DV)for twenty-three vitamins and minerals. This was what I called the “Total Cereal Syndrome” and it was too much. No one food is meant to provide you with all your nutrient requirements. After some research on average nutrient intakes and deficiencies, we were able to improve taste and bring the vitamins and minerals to a level that wouldn’t just be lost in the toilet. 

Different foods provide varied nutrients, portions, and absorption rates. Increase your daily nutrient density with a variety of fresh foods preparied in variety of different ways (raw, cooked, blanched, bake, sauteed) and you will likely meet your nutrient needs. 

Click on the buttone below to download my go-to food pairings listed as seven different meal options. I also included a grocery list and some of my favorite cooking resources! 

Learn to eat in a way that feeds your everyday adventures and also your epic adventures!

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