Let’s get wild!

Hi! I am Tara DelloIacono Thies, registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and owner of Summit Nutrition Strategy consulting. I started this consulting business to help food companies improve the quality of food they put into the food system and to help people fuel their body for more peak experiences!

So, who are you and what wild thing do you have in mind?

Choose Your Own Adventure Below

For the past twenty years, I have worked with companies to create foods based on the nutrition principles for fueling active lifestyles. After leaving Clif Bar & Company, I launched Summit Nutrition Strategy, a consulting business prioritized around fueling all kinds of adventures outside! Today I work independently with food and outdoor companies creating educational nutrition content, nutritious foods, and stoke for being wildly active outdoors!

Nutrition is my science. Writing is my art. Trail running and outdoors is where the real work happens. The importance of purpose came into full view for me after becoming a mother under less than ideal circumstances. Now purpose permeates everything I do.

Nutrition is my profession and currency to living a wildly active lifestyle. While I will share nutrition know-how in my writing and courses, I will also write about my own experiences in living an active lifestyle in hopes that it inspires others to push past their comfort zones and see what they are capable of when they prioritize an active lifestyle outdoors. 

This is me outside saying “YES!” to running with “the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved” and who never let the opportunity to trail run at 2am with a blinking Viking helmet pass them by.

I have been an athlete since I began figure skating at age four, running at age ten, and skiing at age fourteen. Begining these activities in my youth did not lead to a professional athletic career. They did, however, lead me to a career nutrition that has now spanned twenty-plus years. I do treat my own athletic pursuits professionally because of the physical and emotional value derived from them. I prioritize outdoor athletic adventures into my every day by planning them just as I plan for work and family. These daily experiences combined with my nutrition knowledge inform and inspire unique insights, recommendations, and applications of nutrition in my work with outdoor companies like The North Face, Clif Bar and Company, and Sugar Bowl Ski Academy. I do this work through my consulting business, Summit Nutrition Strategy.

Most importantly, I am a mama and a wife in the business of modeling a healthy, active lifestyle for my two young boys. Originally from Montana, I could no longer leave outdoor fun with my family to weekends. I uprooted the family from the San Francisco Bay Area and left my eighteen-year post as lead nutrition strategist for Clif Bar & Company. Now from my home in Truckee, California, I strive to make outdoor adventure routine for our family. Of all the challenges I encounter as a business owner and endurance junkie, being Mama provides the most challenges, adventures, and rewards.

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Nutrition Strategist and Registered Dietitian with twenty years of experience creating nutrition strategies that influence and inspire people to accomplish big things.