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What Do I Do?

Meeting new people often involves answering this question, “what do you do?” While a person does many things this question usually refers to the type of “work” a person identifies with to sustain the livelihood of themselves and/or their family.

If my neighbor were to answer this question for me she would likely say that I pull weeds in the yard, run with my dog, and go skiing with my kids. I do all of those things and while these activities are certainly sustaining they don’t buy the groceries or afford us the money to keep up with the gear needed to stay active all year round with a family of four!

I actually do waaaay more than pull weeds. The root (too punny?) of my work is connecting people to wildly active lifestyles that create opportunities for peak experiences, preferably in the outdoors. I do this by advising the development of foods that serve the needs of active people, delivering workshops and talks at events, and meeting with mountain athletes to create a personalized nutrition strategy.

Peak experiences fill our buckets and the buckets of those we surround ourselves with. They help us to be who we really are with no apology and prepare us to get out in the world a contribute our uniquely ‘us’ gifts. Peak experiences don’t have to be epic days on the highest peaks or the longest runs. They can and should also be small moments we pause to recognize in our every day. Like the conversation, I had with my son during breakfast this morning. It was just the two of us and he drew a lovely picture of a walrus with a conversation bubble…..ON HIS MATH HOMEWORK….that said, “This walrus is too tired to do any more math problems.” I paused and said how much a love his creativity AND, for me to sign the homework he will have to also do the math problems. While those without kids may not see this as a peak experience, I assure you, having the time to with my son to talk this interesting scenario through made us both more engaged humans.

To help others create more peak experiences in their own lives I started my own business Summit Nutrition Strategy!  I offer a variety of services including consulting for food companies, lifestyle brands, and mountain athletes. My services represent my years of experience and passion for connecting brands and organizations to people through nutrition.

I support food companies with product development and branding, and I help mountain athletes with nutrition coaching. I also love bringing nutrition workshops to retreats, festivals, athlete summits, and other events!
When working with food companies on established products or entirely new products, I focus on three key areas:

  1. Product Nutrition Formulation: I work with your R&D /Innovation teams  read more
  2. Brand Strategy: This works gives your strategy legs to stand on by substantiating your  marketing messages read more
  3. Nutrition Marketing: I help you establish your brand position in the market with support marketing strategies and tactics that amplify awareness and build trust in your brand read more

For lifestyles brands and organizations looking to make nutrition speakers, workshops or counsel part of their programming I offer the following:

  1. Mountain Athlete Nutrition Coaching for Teams Make nutrition your wingman in enabling peak experiences for your athletes  read more
  2. Event Experiences I can lead one of my signature workshops at your next event or develop a new based on a new vision read more

For the motivated mountain athlete, I also offer individual coaching !

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Nutrition Strategist and Registered Dietitian with twenty years of experience creating nutrition strategies that influence and inspire people to accomplish big things.

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