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What little boys are made of

The age-old nursery rhyme says girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice and boys are made of snips, snails, and puppy dog tales.

Today, as Noah and I parted for the day and he sent me off with a kiss. For the first time Noah blew me a kiss.

Yes, he enjoys making dirt angels and thinks food in his hair is funny (literally will place food in his hair and proclaim “FUN -ny”) but there  is no denying he is sweeter than sugar and full of spice.

I am a biased Momma for sure but, my boys are exceptionally sweet and I have met some little girls at the playground who were not so “sugar & spice” and how dare the treat me little men like that!  Funny to think that all men were once precious little boys. The thought of it has found me being a little bit nicer in those moments where I am  just a little irritated by the seemingly skillful way men can look right at you while you are talking and not hear a word you have said, or their incredible ability to look right through what it is they just can not find.

My boys are not immune to these traits and Eric has demonstrated these gender skills quite well already. Ladies, we can hardly hold it against them because clearly these traits are necessary to survive our genetic trait for being so bossy. We ladies are born delagaters and directors and it starts on the playground.

Here is a video of my boys being sweet boys and doing that playful wrestling-thing that I commonly witness grown men still enjoy. You know, those friendly sucker-punches.

They are joy in action and every day I look at them think “they are as little as they will ever be so don’t let the moments escape you.”

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