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Why we run for more

There is that moment where you know you are about to accomplish something really big. Something you have thought about often, worked towards, or dreamed of doing. You realize you’re doing it and you grin from ear to ear; and maybe even tears roll down your cheeks. At CLIF we call this Meet the Moment.

After Eric was born I did not begin running again for a long time. It was one of many things that fell away because I only had enough strength, attention, energy, and focus for him. I was barely capable of speaking or eating let alone running. But two months after he came home, running was calling me back and I answered.

It was an overcast day in February in the Richmond district of San Francisco, our home at the time. It probably took me longer to put my running clothes on than it did to actually run. I was apprehensive, afraid to leave Eric’s side even in the capable hands of his Dadda. You see, I watched him, held him, fed him ALL day. He had full-time observation during his days in the NICU and weening away from that need was difficult. I was anxious but the need, if even for just a few minutes, for fresh air and freedom pulled me out the door where for nine whole blocks I slowly and with heavy breath put one foot in front of the other. I struggled and remembered what it was like to start running for the first time. It was like I was starting over, and I smiled. 

Before Eric came along, my relationship with running had become nothing more than a calorie-counting-forced-slog. It was in those difficult nine blocks that running became anew. Even through my heavy breath and tired body I felt light, free, and grateful to have a body and mind that was capable of accomplishing more.

Nine blocks turned into clicking off miles, running with friends, and signing up for half-marathons. Six weeks postpartum with Noah I was ready to once again start over only this time I was ready to “be fast” again and I bought my first running watch.

At mile 24 of the Nike Women’s Marathon 2011 I smiled at the realization that I was going to run under a 4 hour marathon. I smile as I approach the finish lines of every race. If I could go from barely completing nine blocks to doing this, what else could I do? I am hooked on the feeling that not only am I capable, but that we are all capable so why shouldn’t we all try to do “that thing” we think we can not do. When someone says “You are crazy” or “Oh,I could never do that” two things come to mind:

1) I would be crazy not to do this thing.  

2) You could do it if it was something you wanted to do.

At Clif Bar & Company we call this #meetthemoment . What is your moment going to be today?

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