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Working Where I Work

Working where I do opens doors that lead to opportunity. It opens doors to learn, grow, and explore my  identity. This is a privilege and a challenge for which I am grateful.  Over the past few years these doors have almost always lead me outside to run (far & high), camp, hike, ski, and bring my family with me no matter how challenging.

Watching these four athletes, experts in their individual craft, step out of their comfort zone to ski, climb, ride and surf together all in one day inspires me to think about what I might try next.

Not pictured in this short film is an amazing athlete that I work along side every day. He humbly sits behind his desk each day to orchestrate adventures like these, adventures we can all dream of and do when we let go of fear and self doubt. This short film, Dream Day, reinforces for me a desire to ski beyond the boundaries and into the back country. Where might it take you?

Short trailer. Click Day Dream for full feature

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