Writing with Abandon

Perfection is the enemy of good, right? I hear this phrase a lot. My first belief about this statement is, ” I am not a perfectionist. I mean, look at how many typos and grammatical errors I publish!”

Then, I look at my saved drafts. I have hundreds of drafts filled with ideas I want to share on my website or at that very least, archive for my future reflection. These drafts are waiting for further attention to ensure they are suitable for publication on my blog. Then it occurred to me, are these drafts waiting to meet my perception of perfection?

I don’t concern myself with typos. Some day I will employee an editor focused on making sure I look like I studied grammar in school. What I do concern myself with is whether or not I have clearly articulated the idea I am trying to share, which has become a bit of an elusive task since suffering a concussion a few months ago.

Do my words reflect the feeling generated by the idea, memory, or lesson? What is the point of this piece? What if it is too weird that it has nothing to do with nutrition? Who will care to read? Will the people who care to read find this relevant or interesting? The list of questions I impose about others’ perceptions stop me in my tracks, stop me from publishing ideas, memories, reflections, or lessons.

So, for the next thirty days I am imposing a new challenge for myself. The thirty-day challenge was inspired by an experience that I have yet to write about at Outwild.CO

I am going to post something, anything, everyday for the next thirty days. I am not going to wait for my thoughts to be clear to share them, so watch out! I am going to splay them out here for the world to see. Why? Because working from a place of vulnerability is where I grow the most.  Working from this place, gives me the chance to show up and be my best into the world. When I hold on too long to the things I want to write about I can’t think clearly and become congested with thoughts about writing. I am not waiting until January or for Monday.  I am starting this count “write now” (the subject line my dearest sexy grammarian uses for her newsletters). Write today. Write with abandon.

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