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Church in the mountains

As I got older I used Sunday as a ski day rather than a church with a steeple day. My mom would say to me “what about church” and I exclaimed to her that I was closer to God on that mountain. At the time I meant higher in the sky. But later I reflected on that statement and thought well, damn, I am a lot closer to God on the mountain. That transcended into being closer to God on the mat, on a run, just plain out in nature. That was my time to get in touch with my spiritual side and connect to something much greater than me.

There is so much in this world that can not be explained and by faith we just choose to except it. Somethings can be chalked up to nothing more than magic divinity. The story of Jesus is one, the seven wonders of the world another, and our bodies even another. As much as I search not everything has an explanation and it feels good to just believe in the magic. I hope I can teach this magic, that feeling that takes your breath away at the top of the mountain or gives you total freeness, to my children.

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