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Aaaah, mealtime. That sacred time each day where we stop what we are doing (maybe even enjoying)to pull out food, make a mess, prepare food that at least one person complains about only to eat it in two seconds, and have to clean up the mess. That is what mealtime is to me anyway. I try to keep in clean but, more than anything (and my youngest child would agree) I would rather just eat something around the activities I want to do instead of the other way around. Turns out I am a product of our modern-day where the anchors of o days have shifted from mealtime to our activities!
You can read about this shift at Hartman Research Group

The past two spring breaks we have loaded up the family (including the dog) for a camping road trip down 395 East. We bypassed the turn-off for the Ancient Bristle Cone Pine Forest the first year because we were making haste to Disneyland ( a true family adventure). The second-year we made the turn prepared, or so we thought, to camp near the Bristle Cone only to be thwarted by snow! Trees truly speak to us and this short film is a mesmerizingly wonderful look into the heart of these trees that existed long before humans. Treeline by Patagonia (it also makes me look forward to snow. Ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone who is deep in summer right now)

Athlete story: Rob Lea, just made history with a Mount Everest Summit (Climb for Equality) and swim across the English Channel in the same year. But that is not all folks, he was also stung in the face by a jellyfish. This is all part of his world project to Summit Everest, Swim the Channel, and Cycle across America (and oh, also got married in between)! Go Rob!

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